QUESTION: Are the gardens under the control of your company professionally prepared for production? Or is it just developing along with traditional agriculture?
ANSWER: The development, preparation for the production season and agricultural health controls of all the gardens that we work with under and outside our control are monitored periodically by our professional staff as we develop product-based strategies.
QUESTION: Are your products produced and packaged in accordance with European Union standards?
ANSWER: Yes, our products are prepared on the basis of European Union standards during production and packaging.
QUESTION: Which modes of transportation do you use for product shipment?
ANSWER: We use all modes of transportation for our shipments. ( LAND, AIR, SEA) Demands from our customers and the geographical location of the country where the shipment will be made are decisive in this regard.
QUESTION: Which countries do you trade with?
ANSWER: We continue direct and indirect trade with the European continent (Germany, Spain, France, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Russia). Outside of Europe, we continue our trade with Azerbaijan and Qatar.
QUESTION: In which regions do you mainly work in Turkey?
ANSWER: We are interested in products grown in each region according to commercial demands. However, due to the intensity of our citrus trade, the Mediterranean and Aegean regions stand out.